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So you’re moving all your IT to the cloud, eh?  Here are some things to think about.

Infrasupport Corporation is an IT solutions company.  Infrasupport manages computer networks and security, builds firewalls to enable interactive video and voice, and more.  Check out the video below for a quick summary of what Infrasupport is all about.  And for people who believe innovation is dead in the IT service industry, just look over a few pages in this website and you’ll change your mind.  Innovation is alive and well, at least in the corner of the world where Infrasupport lives.   Contact us and find out for yourself.  The main office is located near Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport in Eagan, MN., USA.

Infrasupport is a two time winner of the Red Hat Innovation Award.  Because innovation is what we do at Infrasupport.  Thanks, Red Hat, for the recognition.

The 2014 customer winner is Hennepin Home Health Care.  Here is the page with details and a link to the video.

Here is the page with details for the 2013 Innovation Award winner, Stylmark.