Open letter to politicians

2004Apr12 128
Do we really want to spend our time burning up money waiting in traffic?

First, why in the world would an IT service company publish an open letter on its website about the environment and energy? Because we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and suffer the same effects of global warming and the disaster on the United States Gulf Coast.We are all in this together.

Our political leaders will not solve our environmental problems for us. Our political leaders will pander to us, make promises, produce elaborate television shows, and spend lots of money on marketing – but they won’t fix the environment and they won’t come up with good energy solutions.

Fixing the environment and solving our energy challenges is up to us – all of us – and Infrasupport is proud to offer a small part of the solution for anyone with enough guts to try something different.

For the first time in history, everyone can afford to meet face to face over the Internet. For the first time in history, we can travel virtually to any corner of our planet without climbing in an airplane or sitting behind the wheel of a car. We can connect people, computers, and offices around the world to form local, regional, and global collaborative teams as we see fit. We have the technology right now to help:

  • reduce output of greenhouse gasses
  • reduce wear and tear on roads, cars, and bodies
  • save time
  • save money
  • increase productivity
  • spawn a whole new industry dedicated to easy collaboration no longer bound by geographical boundaries

But to reap the benefits of this technology on a wide scale, we need leaders who will lead instead of burying their heads in the sand and pandering to us.

Imagine what would happen to oil and gasoline prices if we would make a decision to use virtual technology to work from home, on average, one day per week. Imagine the skyrocketing productivity increase and plummeting gasoline expense if we decided to reduce commuting travel by 20 percent.

Some day, we will actually figure out how to move cars and trucks without polluting our air.  But until that day comes, why not use what we have right now to increase our productivity and reduce our impact on the environment?

Green is good and Infrasupport has it now.  Right now.

Don’t believe us?  Take a look at some of the news items in this website from as far back as 2004.  We’ve been doing this a long time.

Contact us to find out more.  But only if you have the guts to try something new.

Oh, and by the way – InfraSupport also excels at the other traditional IT services you’ve come to expect from the business IT service industry.  In addition to all the creative stuff, ask us about our bread and butter IT services to help keep things running smoothly.

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