What makes Infrasupport better?


There’s an old saying in the IT industry; you have to be equal before you can earn the right to be better.  Otherwise you’re just different and nobody likes different in the IT industry.  This goes all the way back to the days of IBM mainframes, when IBM competitors brought compatible mainframes to market, continued in the early 1980s when Compaq brought the first IBM compatible PC to market, and continues today.

Today, most IT service companies have a section on their websites where they brag about their unique process and how many smart people they have on staff, certified with today’s hot technology.   We are amazed that all IT service companies seem to brag they have smarter people and better processes than all the other IT service companies.  This is what makes all IT service companies better than all the other IT service companies?  No wonder our industry suffers from a lack of respect.

You won’t see anything like that on the Infrasupport website.  Frankly, the Infrasupport process is no better and no worse than anyone else’s support process.  Our process is a little less structured and a little more personalized than our competitors.  We like to think it lets us get to know our customers better.  It’s nothing special, just common sense.

As for smart people on staff, Infrasupport was founded by its Chief Technology Officer, Greg Scott.  Greg carries an alphabet soup of current and expired IT industry certifications, including MCSE, CCNA, CCDA, RHCE, RHCVA, and CISSP, to name a few.  Greg is currently the only staff member and Infrasupport will stay this way until economic conditions dictate otherwise.

That makes Infrasupport the same.  What makes Infrasupport better?

This might be a great place to mention the Infrasupport Managed Service Plan, where Infrasupport becomes the IT Department for customers who wish to engage us that way.  Other IT service companies offer similar plans.  We like to think ours is a little better because we use our Ownership support model to tailor our plans.

Fundamentally, Infrasupport offers an attribute we see sorely lacking in the IT service industry:  Creativity and innovation.

Want proof?  How does a very small IT service company survive and thrive in today’s brutally competitive environment?  By keeping up with current technology and always looking for ways to innovate a little bit beyond the state of the art to provide a competitive edge for our customers.  That’s why Infrasupport started building its own firewalls more than 10 years ago, so we could put in diagnostics at your boundary to keep the Internet connection running smoothly.  That’s why Infrasupport pioneered Internet video conferencing by connecting military families in the US with deployed loved ones serving overseas, starting way back 2004.  That’s why Infrasupport looked at the Virtualization market and concluded the Open Source approach with Redhat provides better value for small business than the current market share leaders, although Infrasupport can also do it the conventional way.

We can do the conventional.  That makes us equal.   We can also do the unconventional when it makes sense.  That makes us better.

The IT Department and companies such as Infrasupport are supposed to be change agents, driving organizations to operate more efficiently, improve time to market, provide better customer service, and provide that competitive edge.  This is so much more than just keeping the lights on.  This is innovation and Infrasupport is pretty good at it.  And we also know how to keep the lights on.

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