Emergency IT service


The Infrasupport emergency support policy has been unchanged for the past 10+ years.  If you have an emergency and it’s critical, we will interrupt work with other customers to handle your emergency.  Similarly, if another customer has an emergency, we may need to interrupt work with you to handle the other customer’s emergency.  Thankfully, this does not happen very often.

If you call with an emergency and we don’t have a managed service relationship, Infrasupport will bill at its standard hourly rate to handle it.  Unless the emergency is our fault because we made a mistake.  Then it’s on us to make it right.  Thankfully, this also does not happen very often.

Many companies add a surcharge for emergency or outside business hours service.  Infrasupport resists this practice.  Frankly, it just does not feel right, and working weird hours is part of the life of an IT professional.  If you call with an emergency, we will fix it and bill at our standard hourly rate.

Emergencies are always crisis situations with charged emotions and lots of adrenaline.  We view emergencies as an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do under pressure, and if we do a good job with your emergency, we would appreciate prompt payment and a chance to earn your long term business.

If you’re searching the web looking for emergency help and you landed on this page, you came to the right place.  Stop browsing and contact us right now.  We’ll help get you back up and running again.