Ownership support model


Good IT service depends on a trusting relationship between individual people in the support organization and the customer.  This relationship may be the most critical success component of all.  Good relationships bring in and retain customers, while relationship problems drive customers away.  Without this relationship, all the structured methodologies typical IT service companies brag about fall apart.

Experience is the best teacher, and experience drives the Infrasupport Ownership Support Model.  In the Ownership support model, a real human being “owns” the relationship with the customer.  That person is generally a tech professional, with specialties that line up with what the customer uses.  Not everyone can specialize in everything, so the relationship owner can bring in specialists as needed for specific projects or troubleshooting scenarios.  But the relationship owner calls the shots.

As Infrasupport grows, of course we will invest in call tracking systems and other automation to improve process flow.  But Infrasupport will always keep the customer relationship at the core and will always make sure a real, live human with authority to say yes and make it stick owns the customer relationship.

That’s a promise.  And we think it makes us a little bit better.