By now, every organization in the world connected to the Internet owns or operates a firewall.  Your firewall separates your private IT infrastructure from the Internet and protects you from certain classes of intrusion.  And by now, most firewalls are pretty good at this job.

What a wasted opportunity – firewalls could do so much more for you for so little cost.

With connectivity requirements around employee remote access, company partnerships, supply chain relationships, and a host of others, traditional firewalls are obsolete and are rapidly being replaced with a new software defined perimeter, or SDP, based on a rich set of open source tools developed by the best engineers on the planet.

Infrasupport saw this trend coming and began building its first SDP appliances way back when everyone else was worried about Y2K.  That’s a 15 year R&D head start.  Today, Infrasupport SDP appliances give you information about Internet bandwidth usage, juggle multiple Internet feeds when connectivity is your lifeline, provide a rich choice of remote worker and branch office options, handle demanding voice and video over Internet applications, and give you peace of mind about your increasingly complex boundary with the world.  And they’ll continue to improve.

And since Infrasupport embraces open source tools, Infrasupport SDP appliances provide more capability and more flexible deployment options for a fraction of the cost of traditional firewalls.  The economics are too good to pass up.

Many businesses are considering moving their IT infrastructure to a cloud.  If this is you, your Internet connection will need an Infrasupport SDP appliance even more.  After all, if the life of your business is located on the other side of the Internet from your office, doesn’t it only make common sense to have the best tools at your disposal to make sure the long road to your data stays open?  And doesn’t it also make common sense to set up more than one path to get there?  Infrasupport firewalls can handle all this for you.

Here is a PDF with some common firewall frequently asked questions.

Here is a much more technical whitepaper about doing high quality H.323 video conferencing in your network.  The summary – it’s not easy and Infrasupport mastered it years ago.  (The R&D to make it work was significant.)   And if we can crack this tough nut, we can handle pretty much anything.

And, of course, please contact us for more information.