As you can see, Infrasupport will never win any awards for the most artistic website or creative graphics.  Frankly, we struggle with those things.  And that’s just fine by us.

Infrasupport is all about IT infrastructure.  We build and support your IT infrastructure.  This is the stuff you don’t see, but depend on every day to just work – the wires and wireless, physical and virtual servers, workstations, laptops, cell phone connections, office interconnects, firewalls, VPNs,  cloud connections.  Insert your favorite tech buzzword and we’ve probably either built it, maintained it, fixed it, or improved its function.

In our world, to paraphrase another technology pioneer from an earlier generation:  You can have it any color you want, as long as it’s grey.  Well, unless a color code can help identify a component or reduce a support burden.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the hard work from everyone who depends on our IT infrastructures.   That’s why we work hard to make our infrastructures as reliable and dependable as they can possibly be.  That’s why we spent more than 10 years developing and improving our firewalls, so we can provide best of breed diagnostics at the boundary between you and the Internet.  That’s why we spent more than 5 years becoming excellent at virtualization technology.  That’s why we’ve spent enormous amounts of time, energy, and money pursuing various IT industry certifications around IT infrastructure products.

All so we can build the best IT infrastructure to support the applications your organization needs.

Just don’t ask us to make it look decorative. We’re not very good at that.

Sometimes we even have trouble making cheap promotional videos with a cell phone. Here is some inadvertent humor with a version of the Infrasupport promotional video posted to the opening page of this website.