“Bullseye Breach” – a book by Greg Scott

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…And that was why an obsolete, barely functional computer, sitting on a cluttered desk in a tiny family business with no secrets inside its computer network anyone cared about, became a key link in a global chain of events that shook the world.

Do your eyes glaze over when IT pros bring up topics like IT security?  Do you feel helpless and overwhelmed when you read yet another daily headline about yet another major data breach?

There are plenty of how-to books with great tech advice for keeping bad guys out of our computers.  If only somebody would read them.

What if there were a book about IT security you might really enjoy reading?  What if the security lessons were weaved into a believable fiction story with interesting characters and a plot taken from today’s headlines?

So I wrote one.  Here is the first chapter introducing the main characters.  Thanks to editor Steve LeBeau for coming up with this introduction.  It’s better than what I put together in the first draft.  Here is part of the story from one innocent victim.  Here is the story behind Fools’ Gold Academy, another victim.  And a special scene we had to cut for space constraints here.

This story has all the ingredients, including elements of the Russian Mob, a loosely organized international cast of crooks,  clueless IT Departments, a brand new American citizen in Texas, and a few good guys who figure out a way to fight back. Oh – and, of course, a floating dead body in the Gulf of Finland.

Warning:  Buy the book as soon as it’s available, but wait until a Friday after work to start reading.  Clear your weekend because once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.

The book will be available with booksellers everywhere April 19.  Watch this space and the new Bullseye Breach website for updates.

Thanks to Laura Drew of Drew Design for a great cover.  Here is the Drew Design website.  And thanks to Beaver’s Pond Press for bridging the gap between self publishing and traditional publishing.  Properly publishing a book is a team effort and Beaver’s Pond Press brought the right professionals to this project to make it the best it can be.  Here is a link to the Beaver’s Pond Press website.

Drum-roll please . . .