Stylmark wins Prestigious 2013 Red Hat Innovation Award


Stylmark is an Infrasupport customer in the Minneapolis area and a leading provider of aluminum and steel products, lighting systems and finished fixtures for retail and other commercial environments.  Pick up a tube of lipstick from the neighborhood drugstore, buy a movie from the electronics store down the street, admire the diamond necklace at the jewelry store in the shopping mall, and Stylmark probably made the display case holding the item – that’s why the item looks so appealing.

Stylmark has earned a reputation in its industry as a leader and innovator and Infrasupport is excited and proud to be a part of Stylmark’s new innovations in the IT industry.

Contact us to find out more about how Infrasupport and Stylmark collaborated to earn this award, and learn how your company can apply some of the same techniques to innovate in your industry.

Here is the Stylmark press release announcing the award.

Here is a link to the written case study on the Red Hat website.  Here  is  a downloadable copy of the case study PDF file.

Here is a link to an epic, 2 1/2 minute video featuring interviews with the key people involved in winning the award, all potential future Hollywood stars.  (OK, “epic” may be a slight exaggeration, and none of us will be movie stars anytime soon, but it’s a nice video with interviews of all the key people.)

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